100% Electric Buses and Vans

As our country moves towards a cleaner and brighter future fleets are looking for a sustainable, viable alternative to gasoline and diesel vehicles.  With lower fuel prices coupled with Zero Emissions electric has become the newest working alternative to traditional combustion engines.  As charging infrastructure rapidly expands across the nation fleets are gearing up for a cleaner but cost effective solution to transportation with electric.  We use it in almost every aspect of our daily lives.  The technology is here, it works, and we are here to help educate you on whether Electric can be the right alternative for you!

100% Electric Buses

  • Fuel Savings up to 85%

  • Lower overall maintenance costs

  • Less Vehicle Noise

  • Financing options are available

  • Fast Charging options available

100% Electric Vans

  • No vehicle emissions

  • Electric is USA made, no outsourcing

  • Grant funding and tax credits available

  • Financing options are available

  • Fast Charging options available

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All Electric E-Link

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All Electric E-Transit

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