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Abandoned Bus
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The Phoenix Program

Bus, Van, Commercial Vehicle Refurbishments and Rehabilitation

we can
Bring your Vehicle Back to Life

Vehicle Refurbishment and Rehabilitation

The Phoenix Program turns your old bus, van, or commercial truck, and breathes new life back into it!  Offering Full Mechanical and Cosmetic refurbishments and rehabilitation.  



Popular Brands Serviced

- Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota, Honda

= Passenger, Cargo, Wheelchair Accessible

OEM, FR Conversions, Braunability, VMI, AMS

Save up to 50% over the cost of a New bus/van


Get back on the road in weeks, not months.

Parts and Labor covered under warranty!

Save up to 6 months waiting time versus non-inventory vehicles.

Up to 50% less than the cost of a New replacement bus

Standard Service Packages 
A La Carte services available

BSI PhoenixBird.png

The Phoenix Program

Program Benefits

Popular Vehicle Types



- Ford Transit, Dodge Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter

= Passenger, Cargo, Wheelchair Accessible

Popular Brands Serviced

Primetime SV, Forest River Van, MobilityTrans, National Van, Transit/Mobility Works, Sunset Vans

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Small Buses  (non-CDL - under 15 passengers)

- Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, Chevrolet 3500/4500
= Passenger, Wheelchair Accessible

Popular Brands Serviced

Starcraft Bus, Glaval, Startrans, Elkhart Coach, El Dorado, Champion, Turtle Top

Allstar XL F550 Useable (1).png

Large Buses  (CDL - 16+ passengers) (up to 40')

- Ford F-Series, Freightliner, International
= Passenger, Wheelchair Accessible

Popular Brands Serviced

Starcraft Bus, Glaval, Startrans, Elkhart Coach, Goshen Goach, El Dorado, Champion, Turtle Top, Diamond


Box / Cargo Trucks (up to 40')

- GMC, Ford, Isuzu, International, Sterling, Hino, Dodge, Mitsubishi

Popular Brands Serviced

Supreme Corp, Morgan Olson, Wabash National, Utilimaster, Knapheide, Reading, BayBridge, Summit Bodyworks, US Truck Body, Hercules, Kidron

BSI PhoenixBird.png

12 month Parts and Labor Body Parts Warranty

36 month Parts and Labor Repower Warranty

Utilizing OEM and Aftermarket parts

Services performed by
Factory Trained technicians

Up to 40' body refurbishments including Paint and Collision Repair

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Refurbishment / Rehabilitation Services

Anchor 1



Engine, Transmission, Differential

3 Year / 100,000 mile Nationwide Transferable Warranty


Services Include



  • Replacement of Engine assembly

  • Installation kits include upper & lower radiator hose, hose clamps, belt, ignition coils, spark plugs, oil and air filter, thermostat, radiator cap, water pump, and fluids


  • Replacement of Transmission assembly

  • Flush cooler lines

  • Replace Transmission cooler

  • Replace fluids

  • Program transmission


  • Replace Differential assembly

  • Replace brake pads

  • Inspect brakes, axles, backing plates, hubs, calipers, A.B.S sensors, wheel bearings/wheel seals 

Anchor 2



Cosmetic refurbishment utilizing OEM Parts

Interior Services Include



  • Passenger seating replacement/refinish

  • Replace/Refinish driver seat

  • Interior Walls and Ceiling replacement/refinish

  • Replace / Deep-Treat flooring

    • includes damaged and decayed underfloor/underlayment

  • Replace Step Covering and Nosing

  • Renew Luggage Rack / Shelving

  • Renew and reinstall handrails and stanchions assemblies

  • Inspect/ Service Wheelchair Lift

    • Replacement wheelchair lifts readily available

  • Inspect/ Service Air-Conditioning System

    • Replacement systems available as needed

Exterior Services Include



  • Exterior body cleaning treatment - 3 Phase

  • Seal and caulk all exterior seams

  • Refinish / Paint Body​​

  • Replace corroded bumpers

    • Refinish energy absorbing

  • Decal and vinyl graphic removal

  • Wheel repair/refinish solutions

  • Exterior mirror head replacement

  • Lighting, marker, safety equipment inspection

  • Bus and Heavy Duty replacement exhaust options

Disinfection Anchor 3



A permanent disinfecting solution for your vehicle

Disinfecting System benefits

  • Disinfects entire vehicle in less than 30 seconds!

  • No additional wiping or rinsing required

  • Can re-enter the vehicle immediately after use

  • Does not harm internal electronics (cameras, etc.)

  • Dramatically reduces labor cost and added employee responsibilities

  • Stores up to 40 days worth of disinfect on-board

Watch our Patented system Disinfect in less than 30 seconds!

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