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ShuttleCare Preventative Maintenance Program


What is BSI's ShuttleCare?

ShuttleCare is a preventative maintenance program designed by BSI that is geared towards Buses, Vans, and commercial transport vehicles who operate under light, medium, and heavy duty conditions.  Preventative Maintenance is simple, perform regularly scheduled targeted maintenance to prevent the likelihood of your vehicle(s) components failing.  We studied 41 years of maintenance history and experience to design our program to work for commercial vehicles.  Check out the benefits and we think you will see the value!

ShuttleCare Benefits

  • Up to 40% yearly maintenance savings

  • Save Time!  We can pick your vehicle up.  That is right, no need to bring it in, we have drivers available to pick up your vehicle and re-deliver it back to you!

  • Need a spare while we inspect your vehicle?

    • We have designated passenger and wheelchair accessible vehicles ready for you to use while we work on yours!  *additional charges for spare apply

  • Our twice per year pre-scheduled maintenance inspections will identify, address, and resolve your vehicle(s) major componentry to prevent future breakdown

  • Increases vehicle life and longevity

  • Less vehicle down time

  • Ensures your vehicle and subcomponents are always safe and reliable

  • 100% Parts and Warranty Coverage on applicable items

  • All of our vehicle(s) are serviced by Factory Trained and Authorized or ASE certified technicians

  • Advance Scheduling

Program Benefits

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