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Alternative Fuels

At BSI we are on the forefront of Alternative Fuel technology offering the most current products and services available in the marketplace.  We were one of the first private companies to build a CNG fueling station in the 90's, we did it in the 2000's with LPG/Propane, and today we are doing it with Electric!  Explore what we have to offer in the world of Alternative Fuels.  Discover vehicles that run on 100% electric, are powered by earth's natural gas, or filled up with 100% USA made Propane.  It's real, it works, and our customers are currently using it as you read this, you could be too.

When it comes to alternative fuels there is more than just putting in a different fuel to run your vehicle.  There is fueling/charging infrastructure, equipment maintenance, training, and several other factors that are involved.  We put all of those items together whether directly or indirectly to provide you with a turnkey solution to an alternative fuel solution for your fleet. 



100% Electric Buses and Full-Size Vans

Zero Emissions

Charging Solutions



Dedicated Compressed Natural Gas

Sustainable Energy

Clean Burning Fuel



Bi-Fuel & Monofuel System Solutions

Fueling Infrastructure

Safer than unleaded gasoline

Proudly Offering:

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Lightning eMotors Logo.png
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Looking for more information on Alternative Fuel vehicles we offer? 

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