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Bus, Van, Minivan, Commercial Vehicles and Accessories

Thank you to our highly valued customers and those of you simply looking to make sure your vehicle(s) are being operated properly and safely the way they were designed.  We have included some very important information about the proper operation and great features our commercial buses, vans, and minivans are designed with.  Understanding vehicle operation and features are paramount for the overall function, safety, and purpose of the vehicles that we offer.  At BSI we are with you every step of the way, from sale to aftercare.  If you need any additional information not listed feel free to contact us and we'll get you what you are looking for!  877-696-2287

How to Operate a Wheelchair Lift

How to Operate a
Side Entry In-Floor Van

Wheelchair Lift Safety Features and Troubleshooting

Wheelchair Securements and Accessories

Wheelchair Securement Operation

WC-18 - New Standards in


Slide-N-Click W/C Securements

Back-Up Camera and Safety Cameras

Back-Up Cameras

Recording Cameras

School/Commercial Safety Camera Systems

Seating and Accessories

How to Operate a Foldaway Seat

Choosing Upgraded Seating

Interlock and Electrical Systems

FlexTech Electrical System

Wheelchair Interlock and Fast Idle Operation

Manuals, Maintenance & Technical Information

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