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The types and benefits of financing

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Choose the right financing option for your business

* Customer Preferred Choice

Walk Away Lease / Closed End Lease

  • The most popular lease option chosen in the commercial vehicle industry

  • End of lease purchase options available

  • Lease Renewal options available at end of your term

  • Your choice on end of term vehicle ownership!

  • No sales tax charged up front!

TRAC Lease / Open End Lease

  • Figure out what monthly payment works for you, and we will structure your lease to fit!

  • Set your own residual - negotiate what you want to pay to own your vehicle outright at the end of your lease

  • More flexibility with multiple residual options available

  • No sales tax charged up front!

  • Potential tax benefits - consult a finance professional to find out what this means for you

Traditional Loan

  • Take out a simple loan to help pay for your vehicle

  • Set a balloon for the end of your term to help with lowering your monthly payments

  • Refinance options at end of your term are available

  • You own the vehicle and can take the benefits of depreciation

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