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LPG Bi-Fuel and Dedicated Buses & Vans

Propane power is the most affordable and cost effective alternative fuel solution in the transportation industry today.  In fact, over 160,000 vehicles worldwide run on propane everyday.  With 90% of America's propane manufactured domestically, this natural gas bi-product is used in our everyday life.  With near zero emissions and no need for compression, propane power is also one of the simplest and safest types of fuel you can use in your vehicle.  

Propane Buses

  • Bi-Fuel and Monofuel Systems available

  • Fuel Savings up to 50%

  • Fuel and Buses produced in the USA

  • Less Vehicle Noise & Odor

  • Financing options are available

  • LPG is a safer fuel than gasoline

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Learn more about lpg/propane, Propane powered vehicles, and fueling/infrastructure below:

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