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Designed for:  Buses, Vans, Commercial Trucks 


The CAT Cage is a specially fabricated steel cage designed to fit around your vehicle(s) Catalytic Converter to deter thieves from cutting, damaging, and stealing from you!  Specially molded around the area where your Converter is located the heavy gauge steel and shape of the CAT Cage makes it extremely difficult for thieves to even begin to try and steal from you.  Just like you would protect your business or home, the CAT Cage's protective shield is added security to your vehicle(s) in a time when Catalytic Converter theft is at an all time high.


CAT Cage


    * This item can save you an average of $1,200.00 per instance

    * Part only.  Vehicle information for fitting is required prior to shipping.  Some models may require more than 1 protection device and this device may not fit with all models. CAT Leash may be required on certain models. 

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