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Vehicle Disinfectant Program


What is BSI's VDT Program?

Our Vehicle Decontaminate Treatment program is exactly what you think, we disinfect your vehicle(s) on a regular basis to ensure you are operating the cleanest and best protected vehicle to your customers.  We use only EPA certified decontaminates and other cleaning agents proven to minimize the risk of all major viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.  You can have your vehicle decontaminated as much as you would like! Our decontaminate services are scheduled in advance at intervals chosen by you.  Whether it is once per day or week for busy fleets, or once per month just as a safety protocol, we will tailor it to you and your fleet.  We have also prepared a daily vehicle checklist for drivers of your equipment to help protect your employees and customers.  Contact us for pricing information or follow the links for more information.

VDT Program Benefits

  • Helps eliminate and reduce the risk of harmful viruses and bacteria infecting drivers and passengers on board

  • Customer Appreciation - customers will be more likely to use your vehicle(s) if they know you have had them properly decontaminated

  • Employee retention - Cleaner vehicles = Happier employees

  • Helps reduces liability

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