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With You Every Step of the Way

 Passenger Transportation and Mobility Solutions  

 Bus, Van, and Minivan Sales and Service 

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Bus, Van, and Minivan Sales
With You Every Step of the Way

BSI provides New and Used Shuttle Buses, Paratransit Vehicles, Personalized Mobility Vehicles, Mobility Equipment Upfitting, Alternative Fuel Solutions for Vehicles, and Vehicle Maintenance and Service. Our expertise can mobilize the right vehicles and maintenance support to help organizations with their transportation needs. As a family owned business and central Ohio located organization, BSI has been committed to providing the best transportation solutions for organizations and fleets alike all across the Nation.

Real Support Every Step of the Way since 1979

BSI is family owned and operated company founded as a "bus service" facility in 1979.  Today, we offer the industry's top rated and reviewed passenger and wheelchair accessible buses and vans all across our great nation.  With over 44 years of sales, service, and technical support our 3rd generation family company understands that you can Buy a Bus, or Buy a Van almost anywhere online.  We approach things a little differently...while you can browse, get information, and even purchase our buses and vans online, we prefer to discuss your needs, goals, and ideas for this equipment before you make your decision.  Our buses and vans are priced right along with our competition, but the VALUE we provide with industry knowledge and expertise, the best complimentary service and technical support, and a real sales professional to do business with is hard to find these days.  We know what something is worth isn't about price, it's about all of the little things that provide you with real value!

Types of Vehicles for Sale:

  • Shuttle Buses

  • Wheelchair Buses

  • Cutaway Buses

  • ADA Buses and Paratransit Buses

  • Handicap Vans

  • Wheelchair Vans

  • Small Buses, Mini Buses, and Short Buses

  • Wheelchair Accessible Minivans

  • Childcare (MFSAB) Activity Buses

  • Low Floor and City Transit Buses

  • Limo Buses, Luxury Buses, and Entertainment Buses

  • Customized Buses and Vans

  • Buses and Vans up to 45 Passengers

Markets/Sectors Served:

  • Healthcare

  • Senior Living / Retirement

  • Airport and Parking 

  • Transit, Urban / Rural Transit, Public Transportation

  • Development Disability Services

  • Childcare and Public Schools

  • College and Universities

  • Churches

  • Livery, Executive, and Private Transportation

  • Casino and Resorts

  • Specialty, Tailgating, Mobile Office

Vehicles up to 45 passengers

All Transportation Facets

Pasenger and Paratransit Vehicles


All Models can be wheelchair accessible

All Models meet Federal Safety requirements

All Models built proudly in the USA

All Models are designed around you

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